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Rental Pavilions

 VINOSTAR Generation 2020
  Our new model in Dijon Oak whitewashed with bordeaux red corners,
optimal bottle presentation integrated in the corner pillars
by bottle showcases and complete cooling device.
Size external dimensions 4.20 mx 2.53 m - height 2.65 m
  - floor plan (pdf) - lease (pdf)

  Exterior cladding at milk acrylic glass with event decor, edging and corners with
oblique decorative panels - LED lights, inside refrigerated counter with sink.
Size external dimensions 3.55 m x 2.55 m - height 2.55 m
  - lease (pdf)

  Color hemlock light beige
size 2.00 mx 2.00 m or 4.00 mx 2.00 m, opening on 3 sides,
sales window shutter, roof panels in gable form
  - floor plan 2x2m (pdf) - floor plan 4x2m (pdf) - lease 2x2m (pdf) - lease 4x2m (pdf)

 6-gon Pavillon ECO
  Exclusive model "Sylvaner" Hue oak, plate roof system,
round rain protection through insertion corners, about 8.40 lm counter board.
  - floor plan (pdf) - lease (pdf)

 7-gon Pavillon ECO
   Exclusive model "Kerner" Hue jaw-nature
An awning - variable supernatant, approximately 10.00 lm counter board.
  - floor plan (pdf) - lease (pdf)

 8-gon Pavillon ECO
  Exclusive model "Burgundy" color tone mahogany - old english red,
System-board roof, variable installation
than 6- or 8-gon, approximately 11.20 linear meter
  - floor plan (pdf) - lease (pdf)

 Ecostar® Pavilion
  The elegant lightweight large pavilion
Each ECOSTAR can be custom made to fit on request,
You determine the diameter, color and equipment.
  - description (pdf) - lease (pdf)

 Sprinter Pavilion ECO
  The Fastest Pavilion "Sprinter combi"
Hue Hemlock Basic, 8 Ausstellklappen, open on all sides, separately
been translated textile folding roof in white.
Size: Standard 3.00 x 3.00 or XL 3.00 x 4.50 m
  - layout standard and XL (pdf) - lease basic (pdf) - lease kombi (pdf) - lease XL (pdf)

  Special Model "Sandstone" color Afromosia, diameter 4.28 m,
with large walls-/door-element, wood-/aluminum Ausziehsparren and aluminum Röhrsäulen,
silver anodised. Aluminum shutters, counter board with limed oak-decor, PVC tarpaulin in beige
  - description (pdf) - floor plan (pdf) - lease (pdf)

 Pavillon Tulip Winelounge
  Pavilion Tulip Winelounge with tulip umbrella roof
back closed with large entrance door, 3 sides with flaps to open, roofing by tulip umbrella with water drainage in the middle.
  Price on request
  - Floor plan (pdf) - lease (pdf)

      Here find you our Conditions for Pavilon rental - AGB (pdf)

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