Sales Pavilion - mobile Pavilion - Wine Pavilion - Presentation-Pavilion - Christmas Pavilion

Since 25 years we are the specialists for attractive sales pavilions of wine and restaurant sector, collapsible, easy and quick to set up and degradable pavilions designed according to your CI and equipped according to your wishes and requirements.

Ready Assembled, commercial mobile pavilion with electric lowering feet as swap-principle for the quick one-man line-up are the highlight in our product family.

Exclusive, attractive presentation counters complement our manufacturing program.

For each product you will get a matching intelligent packaging and transport / storage container system for high-speed and gentle han.

The rental of our products for events, festivals, wine markets and events with all imaginable accessories is another important pillar of our service company.

From small office parties to large international trade fair you will get everything you need for optimal performance.

Your HEITEC Heiser-Team