Emergence / History - HEITEC Heiser GmbH
= 130 years success crafts for our customers

2015   20 years production in Gau-Algesheim and existence of the group HEITEC Heiser.
           The 50. mobile pavilion is be produced and handed over.
           We constructed over 5,000 exhibition stands for our customers, staged and handed over on time.

2010   The modern mobile pavilion concept "Generation 2020" was first shown at the fair Intervitis in Stuttgart.

2007   Purchase of a CNC machining center Biesse Rover for computer-aided precision work with wood and aluminum and acrylic materials.

2003   The first lowered mobile wine pavilion will be developed and presented "VINOSTAR-CLASSIC".

2001/2002   Expansion and modernization of the office building in the production site Gau-Algesheim, 35 employees.

2000   Construction of a new 2,000 mē warehouse and logistics center in the commercial area Gau-Algesheim, Lise-Meitner-Str. 9,
           for exhibition materials and equipment as well as event and furniture rental warehouse.

1999   Introduction and incorporation of a CAD system of signs and CAM control, Successful execution of major projects:
           for example Paul Mc Cartney's "Paintings" at Siegen.


  1996   Restructuring and expansion of the company's services
             and manufacturing center for exhibitions, trade fairs, sales
             pavilion as well as interior design, the property Karlstr. 8
             in Ingelheim remained as a branch site.

  1995   HEITEC GmbH take over the joinery Rohleder at 55435 Gau-
             Algesheim, Ingelheim Str. 81 with a working area of 3,000 mē
             and a 700 mē production hall with warehouse and office
             building including 12 employees and a complete carpool.

  1994   Formation of a subsidiary GmbH in Poland, "HEITEC
             International Sp.zoo" with managing and 6 employees.

  1992   Managing for HEITEC GmbH.

  1991   Establishing HEITEC GmbH, Ingelheim.

  1985   Acquisition of his father's woodworking shop Heiser and part-time management in Ingelheim, 8 employees.

  1978   Master's certificate in woodworking.

  1967-1970   Apprenticeship as a woodworker.

  1952   Werner G. Heiser son of cartwright master George F. Heiser is born, from the age 8. assistance in the workshop.

  1950   In the 1950s, the wheelwright was converted into carpentry and expanded. Several generations of the Heiser family (Jacob Heiser
             junior (Wheelwright), Family Georg Friedrich Heiser (wheelwright)) operated a carpentry workshop in the Karlstr.8, Ingelheim.

  1920   Acquisition of the property in the Karlstr. 8 in 55218 Ingelheim at an auction and conversion to a wheelwright.

  1885   Purchase of a large Block band Saw with cast-iron table and initials "Jac.-Heiser Eltville".

  1850   JAKOB HEISER was born on 24/05/1850, learns the wheelwright craft, makes later the master's certificate and founds a wheelwright
             in Eltville / Rheingau